About Us

Sophisticated real estate investors know at least 12 ways to acquire and dispose of property

Realtors aren’t versed in many of these because they don’t result in a commission.

We use our own capital, knowledge, and experience to provide homeowners who face financial hurdles or liquidity needs with multiple options to chose from in selling us their homes.

We carefully listen, evaluate, and then tailor our offers to best fit each seller’s unique needs.

We increase neighborhood values.

We often buy distressed properties and make substantial investments in transforming a property into the most beautiful and valuable asset in the neighborhood.  Your neighborhood becomes more attractive and your own house more valuable.  Help neighbors in need and help your neighborhood.  Refer them to us.

Robert_GuildRobert Guild, Senior Managing Partner

Controller of both public and private companies, developer of software used in more than 40 hospitals, investor in both commercial and residential real estate.

We work with a power team that are not just authorities in their respective fields but successful real estate investors with proven track records.