Steps on Performing a Fix and Flip

The economy is very strong in Austin, Texas, as is the real estate market.  However, there are still reason why a house won’t sell fast. One of the biggest reasons is that the house may not be in market condition. There are many folks who have a lot of equity in their home, or inherited.. read more →

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Owner Financing (Infographic)

Owner financing is when the seller agrees to sell the property in exchange for a note where the buyer promises to pay back according to the agreed upon terms and pledges the property as collateral for the loan.   Since only two parties are involved, the terms are generally more flexible and the closings much quicker.. read more →

What is Equity Partnering?

Suppose that you have a house that has a lot of equity in it… But it requires repair to get it up to market value. You have a lot of wholesalers come to your door an offer you cash for a 50% discount, but you this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. What other options.. read more →

What Does It Mean To Sell Your House ‘Subject To’?

Many Austin, Texas, home sellers want to sell their home fast but cannot due to little or no equity. Imagine that you have a house for sale that’s worth $150,000 and you owe $150,000  If you wanted to sell traditionally using a Realtor, assuming the usual 7.5% closing costs, you’d have to pay over $10,000.. read more →

What is a Short Sale?

A short sale in real estate means that a real estate professional negotiates a ‘short’ or discount of an existing mortgage note for the purpose of a quick sale.  Despite the word ‘short‘ in its moniker  there is nothing quick about this type of transaction as it can take months to complete.  The good news is.. read more →